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Do-It-Yourself Wedding Décor and Crafts

Use vinyl decals to create personalized items for all your wedding events. 

The cost of weddings and pre-big-day celebrations are on the rise and many couples are now taking on the challenge of doing it themselves at a discounted price.  Smart!  Getting married includes a number of prenuptial events and that can get rather pricey!  Starting off with the engagement party, then moving on to the wedding shower, and then to the bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and finally, the wedding, it’s no wonder people have been looking into more frugal ways to host these celebratory events! Vinyl decals are a wonderful way to put together a beautiful gathering on a budget while still giving you the freedom to create personalized items that are unique to you as couple. 

There are so many ideas for using vinyl decals in your wedding celebrations.  Here’s a list of a few ideas to inspire your next wedding themed do-it-yourself creation:

  • Craft a picture frame with decals showing your love story timeline.  Include your special dates such as the day you met, the day he proposed, and your upcoming wedding day.
  • Adorn an old window or a ceramic plate with your married name.
  • Build a direction post to show guests the way to the food, the bar, or the dance floor.
  • Add a custom decal to the bottom of your wedding shoes that says, “I do” or “Mrs.”.  Don’t forget about the groom’s shoes!
  • Vinyl heat transfers are great for personalized apparel and accessories.  The groom and his men might like neck tie or tuxedo tee for the bachelor’s night out.  Or design matching fashionable tops for the ladies to wear at the bachelorette party.
  • Decorate wedding gifts such as a flask, reusable water bottle, or tote with vinyl decal monograms.
  • Put a large name decal or decorative hearts on the dance floor to personalize your wedding space.
  • Make a license plate for your car.

Be creative when doing it yourself, and don’t be afraid to try something new and different!

Have you made any these?  Do you have an awesome idea you’d like to share? 

Post below in the comments!  We’d love to see some of your big-day party creations made with decals!